Research On Demand


Not everyone likes doing research. It can be time consuming and dull, with hours and hours spent chasing down details until you think your head is going to explode.

Don’t sweat it.

I provide custom, in-depth research services on any topic to novelists, screenwriters, nonfiction writers, speech writers, television producers, writers, editors, publicists, marketers, executives, corporations, and others.


I bring nearly 40 years as a research librarian, government librarian, investigator, and author, contributing research to numerous books on the NY Times bestseller list, movies, television programs, corporate and government speeches, marketing campaigns, and other projects globally.

I utilize the most comprehensive online databases, including Dialog, Datastar, LexisNexis, ProQuest, Dow Jones, Westlaw, as well as libraries, museums, professional organizations, and other resources to give you the deepest and most complete research available. I have ready access to more than 1 million specialized libraries and historical archives around the world. Additionally, as an abstract thinker, I leverage my own abilities to seek out information that very few others have access to or even think of.


In the course of my career, I have established relationships with experts and specialists in hundreds of fields on topics both archaic and cutting edge. My client list consists of bestselling fantasy and science fiction authors, urban fantasy authors, mainstream fiction writers, nonfiction authors, film producers and directors, screenwriters, playwrights, novelists, essayists, public speakers, attorneys, corporations, and many others. Take your work to the top without spending countless hours doing the research that I gladly take on for you, freeing you up to focus on your project. I do the grunt work and provide my extensive background in all things research so you don’t have to.

You receive reports on your requested subjects and topics that are in-depth and complete. The information is vetted and verified so you don’t have to worry about representing something or someone incorrectly. You want information that is up-to-the-minute, accurate, detailed, and extensive, and that’s exactly what you get. You also get source material and bibliographies so that you can be sure that the information you’re using can be factually verified.

Your initial consultation is free.