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“[Marcas’s] input on structure and the crafting of complex narrative layers helped create a very strong and thought-provoking story, that has now been picked up by a major publisher.”

— Nila Cui

You know your story.

Marcás knows story.

I have spent more than four decades working “in the trenches” with creatives of every stripe, hue, shape, and ability. From fitness coaches to bestselling authors, from beginning and intermediate writers to international models, actors, and comedians. From attorneys, art and design professionals, film studios and directors, television and radio broadcasters, musicians, bands, club owners, editors, museums, libraries, theater geeks…to choirs, cheer squads, and curators. I have worked with Olympic athletes, professional football players, and triathletes. With dancers, children’s book illustrators, photographers, artists, and entrepreneurs. With animators, designers, and IT techies.


verb (used with object), el·e·vat·ed, el·e·vat·ing 1. to move or raise to a higher place or position; lift up. 2. to raise to a higher state, rank, or office; exalt; promote. 3. to raise to a higher intellectual or spiritual level.

In short: I elevate you. I have rarely wanted to be the person in the spotlight. My favorite place is behind the scenes supporting you in everything you strive for. However, I have been in that beloved spotlight, and know what it takes to get there.

Over the past 15 years, I have focused specifically on the literary arts, creative writing, and the art of storytelling. My goal with every client is to elevate their writing, make it more marketable, and ensure the best possible end result. Every writer should be successful. For that reason, each relationship is collaborative, not competitive. I am uniquely able to enhance your work without writing it for you. You do the work. I simply help navigate.

Keep Writing Even When You Absolutely Hate It | Positive Writer

Storytelling is as ancient as humanity. You might’ve heard somewhere that there are only ’12 basic plots’ in modern storytelling, but that, I’m happy to say, is false. There are as many stories and ways to tell them as there are people willing to answer the call of their passion.

We have entered a new, post-pandemic era where everything has veered away from “the hype” style of marketing to a much more intimate and quiet approach. Stadium tours have given way to intimate acoustic sets in little, out-of-the-way clubs and bars. Our exhibitionist ways have changed. The trend in the creative industry (among other industries) of posting public snapshots of work in progress to get feedback will evolve. Feedback exchange is extremely important, but the merits of a more private and controlled environment will shine through. In the near future, these exchanges will continue but in a different, more private forum, with carefully curated participants. This intimacy will increase the level of constructive criticism. We will see fewer remarks like “cool” and “LOL great work,” and more in-depth comments with substance. Private forums also help me to better serve clients who would prefer that their projects not be shared publicly before they are completed. It’s all about scope and scale. I understand what a fear of success feels like, as well as a fear of failure.

I look forward to connecting with you so we can find out together how your creative success will look. First-time consultations are absolutely free.