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“I am literarily disturbed. I write of very dark things. Things most people don’t talk about at parties.”

Marcas P. O’Dea is an Irish-Amercian storyteller and novelist, essayist, educator, and passionate canine aficionado and animal rights advocate. His fiction and nonfiction have earned awards across the U.S. and overseas.

His work has appeared in The Bark, The Good Men Project, Global Refuge Stories, Higher Perspective, Elephant Journal, New York Magazine, Over the Edge, Babel, Straylight Magazine, Rooster Magazine, Harmony (part of the medical humanities program at the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine), Pull the Trigger, and Darker Times. His personal essay, Passing for Young-ish, (published under the pen name Christian M. Lyons) appears in Aging: An Apprenticeship, alongside authors Judy Blume, Andrew McCarthy, Gloria Steinem, Donald Hall, David Shields, Julie Gray, Ursula K. Le Guin, and others, edited by Nan Narboe.

His screenplays have been considered by some of the thoroughbreds in the film industry (James Cameron, Barry Sonnenfeld, Jim Carrey, Ryan Reynolds, James Franco). Marcas has also written and produced programming for public radio, television, and the stage.

Marcas teaches creative writing, metaphysics, and philosophy at the high school and university levels.

He is currently finishing his first novel, is working on several short fiction pieces, essays, and is constantly working on creative projects (music & art).

He has traveled extensively around the world, but calls Boulder, Colorado, Marquette, Michigan, and County Clare, Ireland, his homes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Born: June 15, Pontiac, Michigan

Family: Paternal side of the family from County Clare, Ireland, where there is a castle and a monastery that carries his family name. Maternal side of the family are French Canadian and American.

Geography: Born in Pontiac, MI, raised until the age of 17 and relocated to Boulder, CO, resided there for 40 years, and returned to Marquette, MI, to continue his writing career.

Education: Masters Degree in Creative Writing from UCLA; Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Communications from University of Colorado

Animals: You can meet his extended fur family here.

Here are some other things you should know about him:

  • Does not get along with electricity of any kind…especially lightning.
  • Is a certified astrologer and a licensed, non-denominational minister.
  • Firmly believes it’s not hoarding if your stuff is cool.
  • Once endured 11 lumbar punctures (spinal taps) in a three-day period.
  • Has clinically “died” twice (not because of the lumbar punctures, but from the illness the spinal taps were meant to find).
  • Resides in a haunted historic building.
  • Is a paranormal investigator (and yes, he believes in ghosts).
  • Thinks growing old should take longer.
  • Enjoys being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).
  • Enjoys deep, intelligent conversations about life, death, and humanity. Oh, and animals.


  • Gemini
  • INTJ/The Architect
  • Enneagram 5w4

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