Forging Ahead

Been a tough day of being outside the apartment running errands, getting to appointments, and taking care of myself, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The day got me thinking about the fact that I just made a HUGE investment in my writing career, that will (fingers crossed!) take me to the point where I’m seeking agent representation and the sale of my first book. The end goal is to have everything come to fruition in 2023 or before. I’ve been focused on healing my core wounds, but being able to present them in the bodies of my fictional characters. It’s been 12 years since starting this journey, and there’s a finish line in sight…one of many. I haven’t felt “ready” to tell this story until this past year. Since recognizing that I am ready, I’ve been honing my writing chops and putting to use all that I have learned. It’s a very big deal for me, because Depression, Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) and cPTSD never allowed me to feel “worthy” of my creativity. Now I KNOW I’m worthy of being successful, perhaps beyond my wildest dreams. I may be less available or visible on social media, but trust there’s an excellent reason for it. I’m ready. And I’m ready to kick some fucking ass. Peace.

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